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What Are VitaminB12 Energy Shots

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Vitamin B-12 Energy Shots boost metabolism and energy, potentially leading to weight loss. These shots are known as lipotropic injections and boost your body’s production of DNA and red blood cells. This new, innovative non-surgical treatment may be fit for you

Vitamin B-12 is a vitamin that is in foods from animals. Many people lack the necessary amounts of vitamin B-12, especially people who are vegetarian or vegan. Energy Shots contain vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients to help the body utilize nutrients and renew cells, leading to improved energy and motivation. Due to this, people have lost weight and maintained their motivation to keep progressing toward their goals!


  • Methylcobalamin, known as vitamin B-12: a vitamin that plays a role in your metabolic system.  Low levels of vitamin B-12 in your body can be associated with weight gain.
  • Methionine: an amino acid that aids in digestion as well as assists the liver in breaking down fats; this helps with weight loss.
  • Levocarnitine: a compound that is found in many supplements because of its wellness-enhancing benefits.
  • Niacinamide: a B vitamin that will make your skin glow. It is found in many skin care products and can enhance weight loss. This vitamin can also sustain brain and liver health.
  • Pyridoxine: a B vitamin that plays a huge role in your metabolic system. It also is necessary for developing healthy skin and making nerves and red blood cells.

Dexpanthenol: a combination of B vitamins that enhances digestion and intestine function, including the metabolism of fats.



Energy Shots are quick and convenient, with no downtime. This treatment has a recommended regimen of one injection per week for six weeks. After that, it is recommended to have one injection every 2-4 weeks for maintenance!

Vitamin B-12 Energy Shots may lead to weight loss depending on starting weight, goals, nutrition, exercise, and metabolic rate. Make a consultation to see if Energy Shots are the right fit for you!

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