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What is Sculptra® Used For?

If you have lost facial volume or noticed the appearance of lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers can restore a smoother, more youthful appearance. Sculptra® is a unique type of dermal filler that uses your body’s natural collagen production to achieve enhanced volume and fullness. This versatile filler has many uses, depending on your needs and goals. 

What is Sculptra®?

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that enhance facial volume. Many work by adding a material like hyaluronic acid to the skin to increase volume. Sculptra® works differently by increasing collagen formation in the treated areas, leading to a natural-looking increase in volume and definition. This new collagen also restores your skin’s youthful firmness and provides a vibrant, healthy “Sculptra® glow.”

*individual results may vary.

How Does Sculptra® Work?

Dermal fillers use a range of materials to enhance facial volume. Sculptra® is the only FDA-approved dermal filler that uses poly-L-lactic acid, a compound with decades of use in medical devices and safe for use in the skin. This compound provides a scaffold that your skin uses to build a stronger collagen framework, building natural volume over time for results that develop gradually with no abrupt changes in your appearance. 

What is Sculptra® Used For?

Its ability to increase collagen production makes Sculptra® useful in many areas. Its most common uses include:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Marionette lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Loss of cheek shape and definition
  • Jawline sculpting
  • Under Eye hollowness

Sculptra® can also be used to add volume to the buttocks and other areas of the body. It is the ideal filler for this purpose since it uses your body’s own collagen to create a shape that looks and feels natural. 

Only a consultation can determine whether Sculptra® is the right dermal filler for your needs and which areas it should be used to treat. People can receive Sculptra® in one area and a different type of filler in another area if needed since Sculptra® is not recommended for areas like the lips. Discuss all your concerns during your consultation so your Twin Ports Dermatology team can develop a treatment plan to address your goals.

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Is There Any Downtime After Sculptra®?

You can return to your usual activities immediately after your Sculptra® treatment. While there is no downtime, you should wait 48 hours before resuming your exercise routine. You may notice minor swelling, sensitivity, or bruising in the treatment area, although avoiding products like NSAIDs or Vitamin E before treatment can reduce the likelihood of bruising. These effects fade within a day or two, and you can resume wearing makeup the day after treatment. 

How Long Does Sculptra® Last?

One reason people love Sculptra® is how long it lasts. Unlike other fillers that tend to last about a year, most people still enjoy their Sculptra® results after two years or more. We recommend medical-grade skincare products such as our Volumizing Cream to restore skin thickness or Hyaluronic Serum to increase hydration.


*individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary