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Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

What is Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

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Mohs skin cancer surgery is a surgical procedure that’s designed to fully remove skin cancer lesions and any additional cancerous cells from a patient’s skin. Mohs surgery – which was pioneered by Dr. Frederic Mohs – carefully removes all cancerous cells to ensure that the patient is healthy and cancer-free.

Mohs skin cancer surgery is an excellent solution for patients with localized skin cancers on the face, as it helps preserve surrounding healthy tissue while removing the entire skin lesion.

The providers at Twin Ports Dermatology specialize in Mohs skin cancer surgery. If you’re interested in Mohs skin cancer surgery, contact us for an appointment to discuss your options.

Candidates for Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

The best candidates for Mohs skin cancer surgery are those patients who have been diagnosed with localized skin cancer on the face and want to preserve surrounding healthy tissue.

How Does It Work?

Mohs surgery follows a multi-step approach to ensure that minimal skin tissue is impacted by the removal process.

These steps include:

  • Removal of the visible skin cancer lesion or tumor
  • Removal of minimal surrounding skin for examination
  • If the Dermatologist examines the skin and determines that there is more cancer in the surrounding skin, he or she will return to the patient and continue to remove the remainder of the tumor
  • The process repeats until the tumor is completely removed

Mohs surgery only removes skin tissue that contains cancer, so patients can ensure that their healthy tissue remains intact.

Consultations Are Available Now

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Take the first step. Get your questions answered and find out which treatment option is best for your personal situation by meeting with one of our knowledgeable medical staff at Twin Ports Dermatology for an in-person consultation.

Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our experienced team members will reach out to you promptly to schedule your consultation.


Results include the total removal of cancerous skin lesions and tumors while leaving healthy skin tissue untouched. The ultimate goal is to have the patient be declared cancer-free.


You may want to take a day off from work after your Mohs surgery, but that’s really a preference left up to the patient. You may have redness, swelling and bruising post-procedure. You will be provided with post-op care instructions to take care of the targeted site.

You will need to wear protective bandages over the treatment area, as well as use Vaseline or Aquaphor to treat your wound. There may be some scarring after your procedure.


*individual results may vary


Take the First Step - Request A Consultation

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If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page and one of our knowledgeable medical staff members at Twin Ports Dermatology will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our Duluth, MN office directly to schedule: 218-302-1000.

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*Individual results may vary