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Psoriasis treatment Duluth

How Can I Treat My Psoriasis?

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If you suffer from psoriasis – a skin condition that causes dry, scaly patches to flare up – then it’s safe to assume you’ve been searching for psoriasis treatments that can offer significant relief.

At Twin Ports Dermatology, we offer a number of psoriasis treatments that can help minimize your current flare-ups, as well as future psoriasis outbreaks. Take a look at the four most common psoriasis treatment options for patients who are ready to enjoy beautifully clear and smooth skin.

Psoriasis Duluth

*Individual results may vary

Topical prescriptions for Psoriasis

Topical preparations are often the first solution for psoriasis flare-ups, as they can help manage the chronic itching sensation that patients experience with the scaly outbreaks. At Twin Ports Dermatology, we will examine any current outbreaks you have and prescribe the topical prescription that we believe will work best to mitigate your symptoms. Your Twin Ports dermatology provider may prescribe a topical prescription alongside another psoriasis treatment, like an oral prescription.

Oral prescriptions for Psoriasis

Because psoriasis is a skin condition related to an overactive immune system, oral medications can be used to essentially “calm down” the immune system, thus reducing the likelihood of a flare-up happening in the near future. Oral medications are typically used for moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, and not recommended for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Injected Medications for Psoriasis

If topical or oral medications (or both!) haven’t been working for you, your Twin Ports dermatology provider may recommend injected medications to treat your psoriasis. Injected medications work to quickly clear up plaques and reduce inflammation, which helps minimize current outbreaks. Injected medications are recommended for cases of severe psoriasis outbreaks, as it’s a systematic therapy that requires routine maintenance.

Xtrac Laser Treatments for Psoriasis

This brand-name excimer laser uses UV rays to break down scaly patches, leaving behind clearer and smoother skin. Xtrac Laser treatments are a good choice for patients with mild to moderate psoriasis, and are often combined with topical medications to maintain results. You may need 10-12 Xtrac Laser treatments to see long-term results.


*individual results may vary


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