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How Can I Treat My Acne?

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Acne isn’t just a skin condition – it can be a significant weight on your mind, spirit, and self-esteem. After all, acne can make it tough to leave the house, especially when you’re in the midst of an outbreak. 

And if you’re an adult in your twenties or older, acne can make you feel incredibly frustrated; weren’t you supposed to be done with breakouts once you grew out of being a teenager?

At Twin Ports Dermatology, we offer a number of acne treatments that can help you get the clearer skin you’ve been dreaming about. Take a look at our most popular acne treatments, each of which can be tailored to the specific needs of your skin.

*Individual results may vary

Topical Treatments for Acne

Depending on the severity of your acne, we may begin with topical treatments to help calm down existing breakouts. These medical-grade topical treatments can be used and applied at home, making it easier for you to treat acne in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Your Twin Ports dermatology provider may prescribe a topical prescription alongside another acne treatment, like an oral prescription.

Oral Prescriptions for Acne

Some types of acne can be caused by bacteria, which is why a comprehensive acne treatment may include oral prescriptions, like antibiotics. An oral prescription – especially combined with a topical treatment – can be an effective way to target both existing and future breakouts, meaning your skin can get the chance to clear up.


At Home Facials and Medical Grade Skin Care

Sometimes all your skin needs is higher quality skin care to get it in optimal shape! Its just like when you eat healthy and exercise you feel better…same with your skin!  We offer medical grade at home facials that can be performed weekly to maintain your acne as well as many medical grade skin care washes and lotions that are very effective and smoothing out your complexion! 

Skin Peels and Laser Skin Resurfacing

Medical-grade skin peels can help remove the top layers of dermal tissue, where dirt and free radicals can collect to cause acne outbreaks. Regular peels can help minimize acne breakouts, as well as help fade resulting acne scars.

Likewise, laser skin resurfacing can exfoliate away damaged skin layers, leaving behind clearer and younger-looking skin.

SkinPen Microneedling

The SkinPen is a microneedling device is an FDA-cleared technology that uses small needles to cause microscopic wounds in the skin. This creates an influx of collagen and elastin production, meaning cellular turnover speeds up. As a result, acne breakouts can fade away, giving your skin the chance to clear up and glow.


*individual results may vary


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