This is a 24-year-old female from Wrenshall, MN who was treated with 3 CO2RE laser treatments for an ice pick acne scar located on her...Click here for more details
This is a 52-year-old male who treated his full-face targeting acne scars with the CO2RE treatment. These photos are 8 weeks apart and will continue to improve over the next few...Click here for more details
This is a 31 year old female from Duluth, MN who treated her keloid scarring with the CO2 laser treatment. She has also done intralesional Kenalog injections throughout her treatment plan. These...Click here for more details
This is a 72 year old female from Hibbing, MN who treated her lower face and neck with our CO2RE treatment. Please note in after photos they are 3 weeks post CO2RE and results continue to...Click here for more details
This is a 63 year old female from Duluth, MN who treated her full face with CO2RE treatment. Please note the after photos are 3 weeks post treatment and results continue to improve over the...Click here for more details
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