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Colleen Schmidt

Certified Dermatology RN

Mohs Technician

RN Injection Specialist

Certified CoolSculpting Specialist

Colleen has been an RN for over 20 years and entered the specialty of Dermatology in 2011. She truly enjoys hands-on patient care and education. She has Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing and Organizational Behavior from the College of St. Scholastica and her previous nursing experience include Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics.  Colleen has recently achieved RN Certification in Dermatology through the Dermatology Nurse’s Association which is only awarded to the most experienced nurses after taking and passing a prestigious exam. Colleen has also been trained and certified as a Mohs Technician where she assists in the processing of tissue during skin cancer surgeries. She finds being involved in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers highly rewarding. Colleen has also received specialized injection training on Botox/Dysport and CoolSculpting to develop results-driven techniques. She is very detailed in her treatments ensuring you receive the most aesthetically pleasing result. Colleen lives in Isabella with her husband Bob and their dog Hattie. In her free time, Colleen enjoys photography, travel, sports, hunting, and camping with family and friends.

Favorite Product:  Twin Ports Dermatology Hyaluronic Serum & Elta MD Foaming Facial Cleanser

Favorite Treatment: SkinPen with PRP

Favorite Injectable:  Botox

What bothers you most about your skin?  My larger pore size and vascular undertones in my skin. 

Favorite Skin Care Tip: Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 every day and wash your face every night, even when you don’t feel like it…you’ll feel better and your skin will thank you!


*individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary