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New Year. New Skin Care Routine!

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Happy New Year from all your friends here at Twin Ports Dermatology!  If you are like most of us your skin is feeling just as stressed as you were from all that holiday action, and the freezing Artic air we have literally faced for the past weeks doesn’t help either.  The New Year is the perfect time to refresh your skin with a simple at home routine which will result in healthier, hydrated, and more vibrant skin.

Skin Care

Our skin therapists are often asked about what products to use, and in what order.  We know it may seem a bit overwhelming at times, but we are here to help, and demystify the at home skin care regime.  Don’t worry we keep it simple and effective for the best results possible.  I am going to go through and highlight the product and steps in our Vivier Signature Anti-Aging Program that is packed with all the products and ingredients you need for the perfect at home anti-aging skin care regimen.

Step 1- Cleanse

Your skin needs a good cleanse, and this should be done morning and evening. If you need a New Year’s resolution I have one for you…I will not go to bed in my make up anymore. My go to for the perfect clean is Hexam.  This is a gentle, yet super effective pharmaceutical grade cleanser that works well for all skin types and it even takes of your eye make-up.  Just add warm water and a cotton towel and your skin will feel clean and refreshed.


Step 2- Tone

This is such an important step, but often the most skipped.  Using a toner is important because it will bring your skin back to a pH balanced state.  This is important because it allows your next products to penetrate the skin and be used to their full potential. Vivier’s refreshing toner is my favorite toner I have ever used.

Step 3- Vitamin C Serum

Protection, protection, protection.  We are continually battling free radicals in our environment which eventually leads to the aging of skin.  The key to fighting these free radicals are antioxidants, and this is where skin superhero Vitamin C steps in.  Vitamin C will slow down the aging process as a free radical scavenger, brighten the skin, stimulate collagen production, it is an anti-inflammatory, and will restore that youthful glow.  Not all Vitamin C products are created equal, and this where my deep love for Vivier Vitamin C serums begins.  Vivier is known for their Vitamin C Serums and patented penetration systems. Their family of Vitamin C Serums are created to treat an array of different skin types and area from skin around the eye, to oily, dry, pigmented, and sensitive skins.  The anti-aging kit includes the CE Peptides which adds some hydration, and is key for dryness this time of year in our climate.

Elta MD Renew Eye Gel

Step 4- Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is thin and tends to be more fragile, it is prone to dryness, and will show signs of aging more quickly.  Squinting and facial expressions also increase the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  Fluids tend to collect under the eyes and may cause puffiness and dark circles.  This is where eye creams may come to the rescue and I recommend using them starting in your twenties.  They are formulated specifically for the delicate skin around the eyes, and pack potent anti-aging ingredients usually in thick and moisturizing creams.  The Platine Peptide CR eye cream is included in the anti-aging kit, and this is a little powerhouse for the eye area.  It is packed with Retinol, Vitamin C, and peptides and it is a miracle worker.

Step 5- Moisture

It is very important to keep your skin hydrated year-round.  In our climate it is very important to take the time of year into consideration as well as your skin type.  All skin types need to be using moisture on the skin, and I often find those with oily skin tend to skip moisture.  This is a mistake that may cause your skin to actually produce more oil.  Oily skin types should use a lotion rather than a cream.  Cream based moisturizers have more oil and hydrating benefits to them.  Dry skin types should definitely use a cream, and this is especially true in winter weather.


*individual results may vary


Step 6 – SPF in the day and Retinol in the evening.

We all know how important wearing a SPF is for preventing skin cancer, and of course it is the most important step in fighting signs of aging.  Nothing will age you skin like over exposure to the sun.  Remember to wear your SPF every day, even in the winter, and make sure to wear it even if you are driving in your car or in a building all day near windows.   Lastly, do not forget to reapply every two hours!

Retinol is another ingredient that gets a lot of attention for anti-aging properties, and for a good reason.  The short of it is the Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that is proven to reverse signs of aging.  It diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and also enhances collagen production.  The key to using a Retinol is to start easy with a low dose and only a few times a week.  The goal is to build up using every night.  Disclaimer: do not use if pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, and make sure to use sunscreen everyday if you are using it at night.

With these six simple steps not only will you be stiff arming the aging process, but you will also be well on your way to glowing, hydrated, and fresh skin.  Any of our skin therapists or front desk staff will be able to help you find a Vivier skin kit that is right for you, or even put together a customized at home skin care routine.  We are here to help, and remember if you have any question we always offer free consultations.

Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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