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Learn about Volume Restoration with Sculptra with Maria Becker, RN

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Many patients have a legitimate fear of looking over-done with dermal fillers. We constantly see images of Hollywood stars that are overfilled and have a puffy appearance from overdone fillers. With these images we see from Hollywood, patients are understandably afraid of looking disproportionate and altered from their normal appearance. This fear is one of the biggest deterrents from people trying dermal fillers.

So that’s where Sculptra fits into the picture. Sculptra stimulates your own collagen to regenerate and left. It actually regenerates and heals your own skin, providing a natural, gradual boost. Since it is your own tissue being healed, the results are subtle and totally natural looking.

When we are in our 30’s, our collagen begins to thin and becomes more lax. This accelerates at 40 and beyond with hormone changes. Sculptra will actually reverse the aging process, making your own skin healthier and renewed. Sculptra literally remodels your own collagen making it thicker, lifted and more youthful.


Sculptra uses a form of Lactic Acid (which our muscles make during exercise) which has been clinically proven to stimulate the formation of your body’s own collagen. The active ingredient found in Sculptra has been used safely in other common medical procedures for over 20 years.

Sculptra is injected in 2-3 appointments that are spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart. There is typically no down-time with this procedure and it is so easy that many people stop in during their lunch break to have it done. The whole appointment takes about 45 minutes and most people have zero or minimal bruising.


*individual results may vary


Results from Sculptra happen gradually over a 3-6-month period. You will slowly begin to notice a lifted, younger-looking face. The real beauty with Sculptra though, is the longevity. After completing the initial series of injections, most people only need to do annual touch-ups to maintain their lift for many, many years. According to clinical trials, Sculptra lasts for at least 2 years on most people. Many people state that their results last closer to 4-5 years!

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