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How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles on the Forehead

The appearance of forehead wrinkles and creases around the eyes can cause frustration throughout the day as we catch glimpses of our reflection. Various medspa treatments and medical-grade skin care products can help reduce the appearance of forehead lines and wrinkles. 

What Causes Deep Forehead Wrinkles?

Various factors can cause forehead wrinkles, including age, environment, UV rays, smoking, dehydration, diet, and repetitive facial expressions. Depending on the cause of your wrinkles, we may suggest various treatment options.

*individual results may vary.

How Can I Get Rid of Deep Forehead Wrinkles?

Deep forehead wrinkle treatments depend on the cause and types of wrinkles on your face. 


A type of diluted botulinum toxin, Botox®, interrupts the nerve endings from signaling contractions in muscles that cause wrinkles. Repetitive facial movements cause a specific type of wrinkle called dynamic wrinkles. Botox® is best for mild-to-moderate wrinkles, creases, and fine lines.

Treatments typically take 15 minutes to administer with no downtime. Results are not immediate. Botox® requires up to two weeks before patients see results.  


Another brand of diluted botulinum toxin, Dysport®, also blocks nerve endings from signaling to problematic muscles, reducing muscle contractions. Dysport® is best for moderate to severe frown lines. 

Dysport® typically takes 15 minutes to administer with no downtime. Results are not immediate, as it takes up to two weeks for botulinum toxin to block the nerve signals. 

CO2RE Laser

The CO2RE laser offers a customized approach to skin concerns, as it is an all-in-one laser system. CO2Re laser treats wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, acne and trauma scarring, sun spots, dull skin tone, and uneven skin texture. 

Treatments are customizable to your needs and typically take 30 to 60 minutes with little to no downtime. Individual treatment sessions vary per patient. Schedule a free consultation today.  

Retinol 100 Cream

Retinol 100 Cream is a type of Vitamin A to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and smoothness. The cream slowly delivers the active ingredients to the deeper layers. We recommend applying Retinol 100 Cream every other or every evening, depending on your tolerance. 

Mineral Glo

Mineral Glo contains micronized Titanium, Zinc oxides, powerful anti-oxidant melanin, Vitamins C and E, and Ferulic acid ester. It is best for normal to oily/combination skin. We recommend applying prior to sun exposure and reapplying every 3-4 hours. 

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Should I Receive Treatment for Forehead Wrinkles?

You are a good candidate for treatments if you struggle with forehead lines and wrinkles that cause you frustration. There is no age requirement to undergo treatment, and many younger patients have concerns about their fine lines and wrinkles. Many treatment options can even be used as preventative measures to stop deep wrinkles from forming. We may recommend different solutions depending on your current condition and personal goals. 


*individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary