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Dermal Fillers Duluth

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How Long Do Juvederm® Dermal Fillers Last?

If you have noticed hollow cheeks, thinner lips, or lines and wrinkles, you may be experiencing age-related collagen loss. While these effects can make you look older and affect your confidence, you can restore your youthful features with Juvederm® dermal fillers. These injectable treatments replace lost volume and restore a fuller, more sculpted appearance in many different areas of your face. 

What are Juvederm® Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments used to enhance or replace facial volume. They can be used in a variety of areas and come in many different formulas. The Juvederm® family of dermal fillers uses a material called hyaluronic acid, a complex molecule found in the skin. It is also found in skincare products such as our powerful Hyaluronic Serum. This molecule attracts and holds moisture, giving the skin a soft, naturally plump appearance.

Dermal Fillers Duluth

*individual results may vary.

How Long Do Juvederm® Dermal Fillers Last?

Each member of the Juvederm® family has different properties that make it better for different purposes. These properties also affect how long each filler lasts, with some types lasting much longer than others. Results also vary by individual. 

Juvederm® Ultra XC

Whether you have lost lip volume or were born with thin-looking lips, fillers can provide a plump, full appearance. Juvederm® Ultra XC is used as a lip filler and to treat fine lines around the mouth, such as smoker’s lines. It lasts up to a year

Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC

This line and wrinkle filler is most often used for marionette lines and nasolabial folds, but it can be used in many other areas to replace lost volume or smooth your skin. Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC also lasts up to a year

Juvederm® Voluma

This filler is denser and firmer than most other formulas, making it ideal for use in the cheeks. Juvederm® Voluma is used to restore cheek volume or enhance definition for a more sculpted appearance. It can last up to two years

The best way to help dermal fillers last longer is to keep your skin in good condition. Try one of our targeted Twin Ports Dermatology kits to meet your skin’s unique needs. 

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Is There Any Downtime After Juvederm® Fillers?

Juvederm® injections can take as little as 15 minutes, and you can return to your usual activities immediately. While there is no downtime, you may notice minor redness, bruising, or swelling in the injection area. These effects fade within a day or two. Your expert injector may provide additional aftercare instructions. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Juvederm® Fillers?

Since hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in your skin, Juvederm® fillers are safe for almost everyone. Good candidates are healthy adults with reasonable expectations. You should not have Juvederm® injections if you have an infection or active skin condition in the treatment area. People with certain medical conditions should also not receive dermal fillers. 


*individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary