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Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment Duluth

How is the Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment Performed?

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If you have psoriasis, it may feel as though you’ve tried every treatment on the planet to reduce those red, scaly patches. And if you’ve been feeling let down by those treatments, you’re certainly not alone.

But don’t give up, because there’s a psoriasis solution out there that could bring you significant medical and cosmetic relief from your symptoms.

The solution? An Xtrac Psoriasis Laser treatment.

*Individual results may vary

What is the Xtrac Psoriasis Laser?

The Xtrac Psoriasis Laser is a special type of device that uses light energy to target and destroy the T cells within psoriasis patches. The Xtrac laser works faster and more effectively than other light lasers, making it a favorite among dermatology providers who specialize in auto-immune skin conditions.

By targeting T cells, the Xtrac Laser puts a halt to its overactive growth, which scientists believe is the underlying cause of psoriasis.

Clinical trials have shown that just two Xtrac laser sessions (scheduled over the course of 12 weeks) led to significant and long-lasting results for people with moderate to severe psoriasis symptoms (83% saw significant improvement).


How is the Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment Performed?

The Xtrac Psoriasis treatment is performed in office, usually over the course of a 30-minute session. Patients won’t feel any discomfort or pain; most compare it to a slight warming sensation.

Procedures need to be scheduled twice weekly for a period of at least 12 weeks to deliver maximum results. 

What are the Benefits of an Xtrac Psoriasis Treatment?

The benefits of an Xtrac treatment regimen can be profound and long-lasting:

  • Most patients see significant improvement
  • There’s no recovery or downtime, so no need to take time off
  • Results can be seen over the course of the treatment regimen
  • People with most types of psoriasis can see exciting results
  • The treatment can target specific areas, leaving surrounding healthy tissue untouched.


*individual results may vary


Take the Next Step 

Want to learn more about Psoriasis treatment?

To learn if you are a candidate for Xtrac, schedule a visit with one of our knowledgeable Dermatology providers at Twin Ports Dermatology in  Duluth, MN. You can also call our office directly to schedule – (218) 302-1000.

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