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Holiday Gift Guide For Him Duluth

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Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Do you know a man who washes his hair and face with his body wash? Or you may have a man in your life who likes to take good care of his skin. We have gifts he’ll enjoy using (whether he admits it or not). Skincare veterans and new converts alike will love their skin’s younger, healthier look!

Give Him the Gift of Real Skincare!

Men have several reasons to hesitate about skincare products. Few facial skincare products are targeted toward men, and most skincare advice also focuses on women. 

At Twin Ports Dermatology, we’ve converted many men to better skincare with our effective, medical-grade products. Even the skincare-savvy man will appreciate Optimal Skin products and their results

Advanced Smoothing Cream

*individual results may vary.

What Makes our Skincare Gifts Better?

Optimal Skin products have been selected by dermatology providers for a combination of quality and proven results. Men often have larger pores and thicker skin, so they need products targeted for their skin issues. Our skincare products are the gift he’ll keep using when he’s forgotten all the others. 

Holiday Skincare Gifts for Him

Since each man has different skin care needs, it can be difficult to find products that are right for them. This list includes the products our male skincare clients love, so you can feel confident that the man in your life will like them too. 

GOOD: Clarifying Cleanser

This gentle but powerful cleanser removes excess oil and controls acne breakouts. It leaves skin clean and smooth but never strips your natural moisture. If he’s been washing his face with body wash or a bar of soap, he’ll love how healthy his skin looks with this cleanser. Since it won’t over-dry the skin, it makes a great gift for most men. 

BETTER: Advanced Smoothing Cream

This potent medical-grade smoothing cream gives you brighter, more even skin. This combination of ingredients includes retinoids and antioxidants that clarify the skin and give it a smoother, more youthful texture. Enlarged pores, fine lines, and oily skin will improve dramatically, and he’ll definitely be impressed with his results. 

BEST: Men’s Kit

Our Men’s Kit is the ultimate skincare gift for him. This kit includes everything he needs to achieve clearer,  younger-looking skin. It combines our Clarifying Cleanser and Advanced Smoothing Cream with our popular Advanced Smoothing Pads and other brightening, clarifying treatments. By the time he finishes using this kit, he won’t want to go back to his old routine. 

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Other Great Gifts for Him

While our Men’s Kit makes a great choice for most men, you might want to make your gift even more personalized by choosing one for his specific skincare needs. Other excellent gifts for men include:

  • Acne Kit
  • Athlete Kit
  • Sensitive Skin Kit
  • Texture Kit

This year, give him a gift that will change his skincare routine forever.


*individual results may vary


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*Individual results may vary